Fairy Dust Incess by Wild Berry

Fairy Dust incense smells light, delicate and crisp, and the iridescent sparkles on the end of the stick help create the fantasy of a magical encounter with shining fairies. Fairy Dust incense offer a citrusy blend of scents, designed to mask smoke odor. Wild Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient [...]

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Incense Burner 11″ Dragon Wizard Coffin

This incense burner is an 11" Dragon Wizard Coffin. Made of 100% Polyresin. It is metallic black and decorated with a chained dragon and wizard across the lid. Can be used laying down, or standing upright. The Dragon Wizard Coffin Incense Burner is a great gift to give. Purchase one now from our store or [...]

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Visit The Glass Shop Now..

Come visit our Giggles Glass Shop now and take a look around. We have everything from hookah's to pipes, to assorted bowls. We are your one stop source for all your tobacco needs. You can also look at our online shop for even more products and savings. ATTENTION-All product sold at any Giggles [...]

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What is Incense?

Incense comes from the Latin word incendere which means to burn.  The main ingredients are usually wood pulp, potassium nitrate, water, gum arabic, and aromatic plant materials.  Early incense contained nothing other than ground herbs, plant gums, and honey.  The term incense refers to the actual substance and not the smell it produces when burning. [...]

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Vampire Blood Incense for Halloween!!!

Vampire Blood is harvested through an advanced process in which vampires are slowly bled. The unearthly qualities of the blood are isolated and extracted into a premium incense. Some vampires were harmed during this process but none met true death. This is a rare premium extract of Vampire Blood that is sure to heighten the [...]

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