Monkey Vape Gold …

The Monkey Vape is a simple to use portable vaporizer that adapts to most standard water pipes. You will discover the EV H2O to be usable for a wide variety of medicinal botanical. Use it on the go or attach it to a hookah: comes with both size attachmentents. For more information and to purchase [...]

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Pulsar 7 Pocket Pen vaporizers

The Pulsar 7 Pocket vaporizer is a slim, compact pen-style herbal vaporizer with "one button" activation - offering you complete portability and discreet operation. The Pulsar 7 Pocket herbal vaporizer features a ceramic heating element with an auto-shutoff timer that prevents overheating and extends the overall life of unit. Only 5 inches tall, this unit [...]

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Atmos Raw Vaporizers Now Available

We are happy to announce that we are now carrying the popular Atmos Raw Vaporizers. Read more below ... The AtmosRaw Vaporizer is a hand-held, controlled consistent-temperature heating system designed to turn your favorite herbs into vapor. The AtmosRaw  operates well below the temperature required to burn tobacco through a process called vaporization. There's no [...]

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Volcano Vaporizers

The Volcano Vaporizer was one of the first devices used for the extraction of flavor and aroma from plant material.  The Volcano Vaporizer comes in two forms: the Digital and Classic versions.  The Volcano Digit provides the user with a digital display that they can use to control temperature within 3° F.  In addition to [...]

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What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that is designed to heat plant material with the intention of vaporizing the aromatic substances contained within. This is contrary to what burning plant material does, as no combustion takes place. Because of this, exposure to tar and carcinogenic by-products is significantly reduced, which means that vaporizers are generally a [...]

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Types of Vaporizers

Vaporizers generally employ one of two methods to heat plant material. They can either use convection or conduction. Typically, older vaporizers make use of conduction, whereas newer more high-tech ones use convection. That's not to say that no new vaporizers use conduction because many still do, although it's somewhat fallen to the wayside in the [...]

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