Mini Hookah’s

An adorable little travel companion, this mini hookah can go anywhere with complete discretion.  Come's in either 8", 6" or 4" size.  Assorted color (our choice). Exact colors are available upon request: some colors may require additional processing time. Made in the USA. ATTENTION-All product sold at any Giggles location on online at are [...]

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Xhale Steam Stones – Peach

Called "the next generation of hookah" the new Xhale Steam Stones were created as a smoking alternative based on the same concept as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs. In both cases, an evaporation of liquid takes place that looks identical to regular smoke, but lacks many of the harmful chemicals. The Xhale Steam Stones work like [...]

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What is a Hookah?

The hookah is a popular method of smoking tobacco wherein the smoke is cooled and purified by passing through air. This generally results in a more comfortable experience, although there are no known health benefits of smoking hookah over traditional cigarettes, despite unsubstantiated claims of lower resin and tar being released into the lungs. The [...]

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SHEE COOL Frozen Hookah SALE!!!

ON SALE NOW FOR A LOW PRICE OF $49.99 SHEE COOL FROZEN HOOKAH The Sheecool Hookah Vase is an exceptional, patented hookah water tank / vase that provides its users with long lasting smoking joy. Unlike conventional Hookah Pipes that lose efficiency and taste after minutes of use, SheeCool retains a smooth, sensational taste with [...]

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Should I Buy a Hookah Pipe?

In our previous article, What is Hookah?, we established that Hookah is an increasingly popular pastime for Americans, specifically college-aged adults and people of Middle Eastern origin.  While Hookah is for many ultimately a social exercise, there are still some advantages to obtaining your own Hookah pipe and using it at home. First, you'll find [...]

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How Hookah Works

Hookah pipes make use of a bowl that uses hot, burning charcoal placed on top of tobacco that is often flavored. In most instances, the charcoal is separated from the tobacco by a thin sheet of metal, usually aluminum. Because of this, most hookah is about conduction instead of combustion, which makes it different than [...]

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