Cleaning Tips for Your Herb Grinder

Before you begin, if you notice a substantial amount of build up in your grinder, you may want to freeze it for about 15-20 minutes. This helps loosen up the herb remains that have stayed in the grinder. 1) Unscrew the grinder, it's usually about 4 pieces. 2) With a toothpick or small brush, scrub [...]

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Types of Herb Grinders

Herb Grinder - A cylinder container that when separated, has sharp teeth like pins on each half that are uniquely positioned. When connected and turned, the herb or spice inside is ground up. Credit Card Grinder - Made to resemble a credit card, this grinder is extremely portable and fits in your wallet like any [...]

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What is a Herb Grinder?

Herb grinders are devices used to grind up tobacco with sharp tooths and/or pegs.  This results in a more even product that is easier to use.  Most herb grinders come with multiple chambers and filters that can be used to separate different sizes of plant matter.  Herb grinders are an absolute necessity if you are [...]

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