Atmos E-Liquid:

Since Atmos is one of the most popular and well known vape companies in the country, their juices seem to have great popularity as well. With over 10 flavors in stock and different variety in nicotine levels, you can choose what flavor you like the most and still get that satisfaction of nicotine. From Fruity, to regular tobacco taste or menthol, you can be sure that this propylene based juice is going to give you a great taste and satisfaction you need.

Tasty Puff:

Tasty Puff e-juice is one of the most flavor-full juices in the vape world. It is made of pharmaceutical grade nicotine from the highest quality tobacco leaf in the U.S. Why people love this juice so much is not only is it full of flavor, but its PG (propylene glycerol) and VG (vegetable glycerol) ratio in the juice is what gives off the best flavor. With a greater VG count, Tasty Puff if leave you satisfied with incredible amount of flavor, the nicotine levels fulfilled, and the substantial amount of vapor that beats anything else you’ve tried.

Titan Vapez:

Titan Vapez premium ejuice has set much attention in the vaping world. One that even made us had to get! They are known for their sultry, creamy and sweet all in one. With flavors like Goats Milk, and Smile Like a Donut, you become more intrigued by the taste, as well as the name of these juices. If you’ve heard of the juice Suicide Bunny then you will fully enjoy Titan. They are slaying the vape market and will see no disappointment. Levels of nicotine vary for your satisfaction, as well as make this popular for all those “cloud chasers” out there.

Halo E juice:$_35.JPG

Based out of New Jersey, Halo is known for their fine quality tastes in all tobacco flavors. Halo has all different types of sweet tobaccos like Voodoo, menthols like SubZero or regular flavors like Turkish or Longhorn. Those interested in quitting tend to favor these flavors more, especially those who aren’t interested in those fruity tootie flavors. With nicotine levels from 0mg to 24mg, Halo has all the options to satisfy your vaping needs.

EVO E Juice:

Made from the same company as Halo, Evo has expanded itself with the most delicious flavors to cater all vaping needs. Unlike Halo, Evo has flavors that will kick your taste buds with satisfaction. With sultry sweets like Nutty Caramel or a customer favorite like the tangy Limelight, Evo has brought much attention to those who want to expand their choice of flavors and try something different and succulent. With the option of a 15ml bottle or a larger 30ml, as well as nicotine levels, Evo will get you more for your buck as well as more for your vape as well.


Drip has made a huge popularity, especially those who like to make those big clouds. With its 50/50 VG/PG level, you will experience great quality taste and amazing vapor. Flavors vary from Fruity, sweet, menthol and light to regular tobacco tastes. 20ml bottle to last you for weeks and the perfect tip on the bottle to pour even the smallest tanks. With Drip, your options are endless.

Suicide Bunny:

Suicide bunny is one of the top rated and reviewed juices on the market today. It has been known to be a “wicked concoction” to ever be brought out in the vaping industry. Flavors that are savory but not overpowering, Suicide Bunny leads you with the outmost pleasure in flavor and in vapor. Popular flavors like “Mothers milk” and “Claim Your Thrown”, these savory sweet juices are unlike any other.