MagicalButter Botanical Extractor

Magical Butter

The Magic Butter Botanical Extractor helps you easily make Herbal Butter, Oils, Tinctures, Lotions and more! There are countless herbal benefits; be it for spiritual reasons or to spice up your taste buds or as a home remedy for your sore throat… herbs are handy for every need! Although herbs have been in our diet since the beginning of time, recently they have taken the center-stage of the nutritional and scientific world for their potential health benefiting and detoxification properties. For starters give these herbs a shot. Each time you go shopping try something new. You may prefer some herbs more than others, but you’ll never know until you try! Basil – antiseptic, antibacterial; Chives – antiseptic, digestive, beta carotene; Cilantro – digestive aid, heavy metal detoxifier; Garlic – antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-parasitic; Ginger – digestive aid, warming, cleansing, Mint – antiseptic, cleansing, digestive aid. How It Works: Open MagicalButter lid and pour ingredients in. Press the button to your desired function. Let cycle finish, open the lid, and pour the contents into a container through the provided filter. Once empty, fill MagicalButter with soap and water, and press the button labeled “clean.” This machine is so cool that it even cleans itself!