Hot Box Vaporizer is a solid buy for those who want a quality hands free vaporizer at an affordable price. The hot box’s ease of use, built-in temperature regulator and unique tile construction, make this unit stand apart from other vaporizers.


The innovative tile outer shell combined with a patented temperature regulator, allows the Hot Box Vaporizer to hold the desired vaporizer temperature for multiple hours of use without having to use a temperature dial. This feature makes the hot box easier to use because there is no need to find the desired temperature through trial and error. Once heated, the Hot Box is ready to achieve optimal vaporization. The ceramic nichrome heating element allows the hot box to warm up in approximately 4 minutes. Once the optimal vaporization temperature is achieved, the Hot Box will remain heated at the desired setting for the complete duration of the vaporization session. The Hot Box Vaporizer’s cool down process takes approximately 7 minutes. The Hot Box Vaporizer can be left in the on position for hours on end due to the temperature regulator and the natural convection abilities of the outer tile shell.

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