Before you begin, if you notice a substantial amount of build up in your grinder, you may want to freeze it for about 15-20 minutes. This helps loosen up the herb remains that have stayed in the grinder.

1) Unscrew the grinder, it’s usually about 4 pieces.

2) With a toothpick or small brush, scrub the teeth of the grinder. You want to do this over a garbage pail not to make a mess with the excess herbs that fall out.

3) In a bowl, preferably NOT plastic or PVC material, fill it up with Isopropyl Alcohol. Put each piece of the grinder in the bowl and soak it for about 5 minutes or so.

4) Wipe down with a swabs or towel. You may want to use a q-tip to clean the inside of the grinder itself.

5) After you have thoroughly cleaned your grinder, its best to rinse each piece under hot water and leave to dry laid out on a towel. After awhile you can use the towel to dry the grinder before putting it back together.