Herb Grinder – A cylinder container that when separated, has sharp teeth like pins on each half that are uniquely positioned. When connected and turned, the herb or spice inside is ground up.
Credit Card Grinder – Made to resemble a credit card, this grinder is extremely portable and fits in your wallet like any other credit card.  It’s made of titanium and comes in many different designs but all work the same way.
Poker Chip Herb Grinder – A 3 Piece grinder made to look like the name implies, a poker chip.  This ingenious design is the perfect grinder to hide your stash.  Pop the bottom off, put your spices in and close.  Turn over and turn the top to grind them up.
Titanium Crusher Herb Grinder – This grinder is a more updated version of the generic herb grinder.  Made on non-sticky titanium for easier cleaning.  This grinder is made up of 4 distinct parts.  The first 2 are for your herbs or spices and the grinder.  The last 2 are for where the ground up herbs fall and the pollinated chamber where the potent kief is kept.
Sharpstone Hand Mill Herb Grinder – A 4 part grinder with a mill handle and a clear top to see the process in action.  Like the Titanium Crusher, the first 2 parts are for your herbs and the grinder.  The next