This handblown pyrex glass jar – pictured left – is ideal for storing just about anything. With it’s handcrafted gecko lizard decorating the front of the jar, this container is sure to turns heads. We also have an assortment of other designed pyrex glass jars and safes for just about anyone and any occasion.

Amuse your friends and family as you have them guessing for hours with these realistic looking safes. We offer anything from soda cans to your every day to day house hold items like “Pledge Polish Can Safe” and “Comet Can Safe” to even your “Hidden Wall Safe” behind a non functional electrical socket.  Just screw into place, and pop it out when ever you need a quick hide-a-way.  These safes are the perfect disguises for all your precious valuables.

So, save up for a rainy day, and start storing your stash now. You’d be amazed with how much you can save in these safes. Just remember where you put it and don’t get fooled for the real thing!!!

Visit our Glass Shop now and start saving!!!