E-Juice Reviews

Atmos E-Liquid: Since Atmos is one of the most popular and well known vape companies in the country, their juices seem to have great popularity as well. With over 10 flavors in stock and different variety in nicotine levels, you can choose what flavor you like the most and still get that satisfaction of nicotine. [...]

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Giggles Weekly Sale (Sale Ends Sept 21st)

Hello, Sexy Customer..... Yeah.... YOU! Check out falls specials this week. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask an associate. As always, we appreciate your business and hope you have a pleasant shopping experience with us. -From all of us here at GigglesWorld! This week sale items (ends Sunday September 21st) [...]

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Pulsar Stylus

Pulsar Stylus The Pulsar Stylus Oil Vaporizer adds an additional set of advanced features not offered with other portable and pen-style vaporizers on the market. While retaining the user friendly one-button-operation, and ceramic heating element, the Pulsar Stylus ups the ante on features by allowing the user to customize their own experience! This [...]

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New Specialty Pipes

Check out our latest Specialty Pipes and glassware. Small Elephant Pipe2" long gwrsw4907 Frosted Bob Elephant Pipe4 inches high gwrsw4908 Gold Fumed Elephant Pipe2" long gwrsw4909 Fumed Dolhine Pipe2" long gwrsw4911 Frosted Deer Pipe4 inches high gwrsw4912 Frosted Elephant Pipe2" long gwrsw4913 See more Specialty Pipes Here

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Incense Burner 11″ Dragon Wizard Coffin

This incense burner is an 11" Dragon Wizard Coffin. Made of 100% Polyresin. It is metallic black and decorated with a chained dragon and wizard across the lid. Can be used laying down, or standing upright. The Dragon Wizard Coffin Incense Burner is a great gift to give. Purchase one now from our store or [...]

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Xhale Steam Stones – Peach

Called "the next generation of hookah" the new Xhale Steam Stones were created as a smoking alternative based on the same concept as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs. In both cases, an evaporation of liquid takes place that looks identical to regular smoke, but lacks many of the harmful chemicals. The Xhale Steam Stones work like [...]

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