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What is Incense?

Incense comes from the Latin word incendere which means to burn.  The main ingredients are usually wood pulp, potassium nitrate, water, gum arabic, and aromatic plant materials.  Early incense contained nothing other than ground herbs, plant gums, and honey.  The term incense refers to the actual substance and not the smell it produces when burning. [...]

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Pulsar 7 Pocket Pen vaporizers

The Pulsar 7 Pocket vaporizer is a slim, compact pen-style herbal vaporizer with "one button" activation - offering you complete portability and discreet operation. The Pulsar 7 Pocket herbal vaporizer features a ceramic heating element with an auto-shutoff timer that prevents overheating and extends the overall life of unit. Only 5 inches tall, this unit [...]

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Hilarious Glass Nug Jar Sets Available NOW!!!

Glass Nug Jars - 6 Piece Set 6 Glass Nug Jars all with humorous labels on each. Flat glass lids included. Labels read: Don't Touch My Shit! Medical Use Only! My Fuckin' Shit! Sticky Icky Who Shit In My Jar You Touch You Die! Want a different size? No problem, we also carry 3 oz, [...]

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Start Saving With Our Selection Of Glass Jars and Safes!!!

This handblown pyrex glass jar - pictured left - is ideal for storing just about anything. With it's handcrafted gecko lizard decorating the front of the jar, this container is sure to turns heads. We also have an assortment of other designed pyrex glass jars and safes for just about anyone and any occasion. Amuse [...]

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SHEE COOL Frozen Hookah SALE!!!

ON SALE NOW FOR A LOW PRICE OF $49.99 SHEE COOL FROZEN HOOKAH The Sheecool Hookah Vase is an exceptional, patented hookah water tank / vase that provides its users with long lasting smoking joy. Unlike conventional Hookah Pipes that lose efficiency and taste after minutes of use, SheeCool retains a smooth, sensational taste with [...]

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Celebration Pipes

Lowest Prices Anywhere!!! CELEBRATION PIPES are "NO KA OI"....the very best.  For over 30 years, each pipe is handcrafted, signed, and fired to over 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit, and plated in 22k gold....the gold bowls reflect heat and completely burn whatever is inside of them....more "bang for the buck". The base is made from LAVASTONEWARE, a [...]

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Atmos Raw Vaporizers Now Available

We are happy to announce that we are now carrying the popular Atmos Raw Vaporizers. Read more below ... The AtmosRaw Vaporizer is a hand-held, controlled consistent-temperature heating system designed to turn your favorite herbs into vapor. The AtmosRaw  operates well below the temperature required to burn tobacco through a process called vaporization. There's no [...]

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Halloween Coupons

We know you love Halloween and so do we. To help celebrate one of our favorite holidays, we are offering massive discounts on items bought in-store. Simply print out the coupons and bring them to your nearest Giggles store to redeem. You can always find the latest coupons here:  Giggles Glass Coupons.

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